Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Social Psychology Throughout the Media

1. Sucking up


This is an example of Ingratiation. The man on the left uses strategies, such as kissing, to suck up to the man on the left (his boss), so that he may give favors in return.

2. Diet Time

This woman justifies her eating behavior by saying that the particular time of year creates exceptions for her dieting habits. Constantly creating reasons for why her behaviors do not accurately represent her actions.

This is an example of obedience because the dog has adjusted his behavior to match n order of the humans, we all know that we would love it if dogs were able to clean up after themselves.

4. Friends

This would be an example of Sternberg's Theory of Love because the boy on the left and the girl on the right may both be receiving Intimacy and Attention from the girl in the middle but it's pretty obvious that the guy on the left is receiving all of the Passion.

5. Masculine Beauty

This is an example of the Western Ideals of Male Beauty. In all reality this man would not strive to look like this unless the culture demanded it, things like Mr. Universe exemplify the idea that men should be very large and muscular, no matter the cost...

6. Conformity

This is an example of conformity. The idea that being unique and different from others is good, but pushing back against the society as a whole requires resources that this kid probably doesn't have, causing him to conform to external pressures.

7. He's a Wild Child

This picture is an example of Social and personal identity. This kid clearly no longer wants to be associated with these people, instead, he may still be identifying his own personal attributes and associating them with other groups of people to get a better understanding of himself.

8. Unruly Mob

This picture is an example of deindividuation. The amount of anger and fear wrapped up into a big pile of emotion likely caused this mob, and all of the individuals to loose sight of their uniqueness and go destroy something.

9. Tolerance

This is a picture of discrimination. These individuals are showing discrimination when believing that all people that do not believe and respect Islam should be killed.

10. Sex Sells

This picture is using sex to sell an idea or product. Sex is freaking everywhere within our media, everyday millions of minds are saturated will ideas about sex it's no wonder that sex used within advertisements will sell pretty much anything.

11. Sarah Palin Classism

This picture is a example of classism and In-group bias. In this picture we are lead to believe that Senator Palin shows a tendency to favor those within her own social group, such as other people of high status over the "stupid" people that would actually buy her book haha.

12. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This picture is an example of group polarization. It would be likely that when this game got started it was a friendly everyday rock, paper, scissors match, but it may have taken a violent turn as the tendencies of the group may have created a literal rock, paper, scissors match to the death...

13. Relationship Fail

This picture would be an example of Cognitive Dissonance Theory. Darren's ideas of having a "drama free relationship" are obviously not matching his behavior when he goes on national television looking crazy. He would likely need to stop his own drama in order to find a drama free relationship.

14. Racism Fail

This one is pretty self explanatory, but the racist ideas that whites people and Asian people are out to get the black community by using computers is fabricated through stereotypes and prejudice.

15. Pull and Stick Abs

This ad is based on Peripheral cues. There are no arguments on this ad about why it would be better to have sticker abs compared to the real thing, however it is much easier than the months that it would take to get the real deal. There certainly is not much thought involved, its likely that the consumer will buy it because it's funny and then never use them or speak of them again (likely due to embarrassment).

16. Optimism

This is a prime example of Unrealistic Optimism. This guy obviously feels some security in the idea that the little bucket of water is helping, when in reality he's doomed to fail.

17. New vs Old Shreddies

This is an example of mindful persuasion. At first glance this billboard advertisement looks like any other but then your autopilot breaks and you notice the humor in the ad, which may help you think about Shreddies the next time that you're at the grocery store.

18. Crazy Old Guy

This picture is an example of breaking ageism. In order to reduce discrimination and instead induce respect and fear of the elderly this man has taken the cause into his own hands.

19. One Man Here Just Isn't Like the Others

This picture is an example of social identity. Two of these men have an obvious demeanor to them (presidentially), older, handsome, tightly dressed, whereas the guy in the back is young, overweight, not buttoned, and tries to show that his belonging resides in his attributed red tie, which kinda fits.

20. Job Discrimination

This picture is an example of discrimination. The stereotype that a person that looks like Skeletor would be inherently evil or bad for the store is discrimination that needs to be put to an end.

21. Hypocritical Sign

This picture is an example of Cognitive Dissonance Theory. The sign clearly says "no signs" as if it is believing it, but then it actively decides to be where it is.
22. Heroism

Social Psychology has a new branch that studies the idea that normal human beings will do extraordinary things when under the right circumstances.

23. Obama Showed Me

The makers of this picture are stereotyping that just because Obama is "black" he will know how to do "knucks"

24. Uneducated Parent

"Note: Just to let you know it is not that we don't believe in things like [evolution] it is just misleading when you speak about it being billions of years old, when we all know that the world is only about 6000 years old, so why would I pay so that you could mislead my children, your world is just a revolving [?], our's has a start and an end. God created the world he created animals and man all in the same week. It was also Adam who named all the animals, they will do the essay "Rock and Minerals" but it will not be 5 pages long, and not about billions of years ago, it will be according to the bible."

This particular piece of paper is an example of many things, but I'll focus on false consensus. She states that "we all know that the world is only about 6000 years old", I think that many educated people would read this and ROFL.

25. Dove's Beauty Campaign

This is an example of Western Ideals of Beauty. This Dove campaign was making the comment that our society's ideals of women being impossibly thin, pore free etc... are in fact a complete fraudulent ideas that are created by our crazy media.

26. Do Not Park Here

This picture is an example of an Aggressive person. This person states very clearly many threats toward the person that may or may not be taking their parking spot and they will hopefully be creating fear and dominance over others.

27. Disability Awareness

This picture exemplifies creating discriminitory behavior. Creating discriminatory behavior may also induce discriminatory behavior toward handicapped individuals in the future...

28. Cross-Country Fail

This picture is an example stereotyping and prejudice. Black people are portrayed in the media as more likely to steal something and run, and this picture reinforces these stereotypes so that others will think this too.

29. Banana Fail

This is an example of mindful persuasion. When a person sees "curved yellow fruit" they will be thinking "banana", it will break the autopilot in a persons mind, they will hopefully think it's funn and buy them.

30. Divorce

This picture is an example of a loss of passion. The love this man had for his wife left with her good looks.